Supporting & Celebrating The Right To Vote!

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Hey (insert cool person that you admire here),

I’m hosting a little (insert "happy hour", "community event", “picnic", "all-night rager” here) to celebrate civic engagement on November 8th. The idea is simple - everyone is invited to meet us at (insert location here) and have a grand old time. 

Basically, the larger vision is that EVENTUALLY we want to turn Election Day into a bigger holiday than 4th of July. Parades, BBQs, fireworks, etc. But in the short term (aka on Nov 8th), we just want to give people highfives for going to the polls, and give them a great place to gather / celebrate afterwards. Want to come? Or invite others? Here’s the info: (insert Facebook event link here)

Learn more other election day parties & national voting resources here:  

Hope to see you there!

(insert your name here)