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Party Guide

Don't live in SF? Don't want to come to our party? Want to host your own party?


Here's a simple guide to get started:

The Space

Pick a spot where you would like to hang out for a few hours. A park? A bar? Your friend's house? It's your call!  Any place that's easy, comfortable, accessible and fun will work. 

The Invites

Make a facebook event like this, or send out an email to friends like this. If you'd REALLY like to party, send out invites to local leaders, community members, business owners, activists & neighbors. 

The Fun Stuff

Take photos at your party & share on facebook, twitter & instagram or snapchat w/ 


Make sure to have good music like Mozart, Alabama Sweet Country Music, or Cosmo Baker's all vinyl Do Over Mix.

photo cred: Rink Foto